Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Welcome to Save Vs. Cosmic Horror

Welcome to Save Vs. Cosmic Horror, a blog about my attempts as a long term Call of Cthulhu fan to delve into the alien world of the Old School Renaissance, specifically though the lens of Swords and Wizardry (and occasionally Lamentations of the Flame Princess).

The initial plan is for me to document the development and play of my first S&W Adventure, as well as my take on the games and style of the OSR, from the perspective of someone entering it from a weird fiction and horror gaming background. Be warned, may contain tentacles and weaponised auto-cannibalism memes. 

Another thing that may occasionally rear its head is bad spelling and gamma. I am fairly heavily dyslexic, and while I have come a long way from the days of not being able to formulate a single written sentence at the end of Primary school, it is still a barrier I struggle with. I may have the odd writing credit to my name, but I've gotten to the stage where I can sometimes get a "by" or "Additional content by" credit, only with the hardest of work, and the aid of a few close friends and relatives.  I can't really justify their time for this, so you get me as I am. 

But adventure awaits. 

Speaking of which, I must ask you.
Are you ready to delve into...
The Lampless City

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