Thursday, 12 February 2015

Setting: the Kingdom of Torrani

The Lampless City takes place in and near the City of Darrova, in the kingdom of Torrani. 
Torrani is a significant regional power, a peninsular nation with strong ties to the sea. As a nation, it is home to strong religious and magical traditions which influence the entire region, and acts as a center of trade. However, it is relatively militarily weak, thanks to constant clashes with the goblinoid races who have over the last century banded together to terrorise settlers in the Hinterlands north of Torrani, after King Alexi Serventos push to settle the wilderness of the hinterlands. These skirmishes, and the nations traditional reliance of mercenary regiments, as opposed to professional soldiers or feudal levies means that the nation would be ripe for invasion, if it where not for it's substantial navy, and the hostile Goblinoids to the North. Fortunately such savages could never raise an army to threaten Torrani.  

Darrova is it's second greatest city of Torrani, second only to the capital. It holds this title thanks to being the  heart of a mercantile empire that spreads across the Aradian sea like a great web and center of the Cult worship of Larran the Light Bringer, Lantern of the Just, patron of Paladins. This being one of the few truly Pan-cultural religions in the region, it is a significant place of Pilgrimage, with people travelling from all across the 
Aradian sea to give praise to the light, or answer the call of Paladinhood.

On the former northern board of Torrani, Darrova was once a garrison town, tasked with protecting nation from the primitive Goblinoid tribes to the north. While the city always had mercantile interest, it never rivaled any other city in Darrova for wealth.

 However, the rise of King Alexi Serventos, and his conversion to the worship of Larran the Light Bringer, changed everything. With the calling of a crusade against the evil hordes of the north, and the the institution of the right of settlement, money flowed into the city. The religion of the Lantern of the Just, which had always be based in Darrova, bloomed, and actively and purposefully spread itself across the region, piggy backing on the merchant ships which spread out from the city, in a grand network across the
 Aradian sea. That same mercantile network, form to support the crusade, was turned to enriching the city in a more permanent manner. 

Now Darrova is the mercantile power of the
 Aradian sea, and guardian of the newly settled land, north of the Blackwater, and the powers that be in the capital look wearily to city, as the interests of the north and the south become more and more disparate.

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