Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Lampless City: Introduction

The Lampless city is to be a Swords and Wizardry adventure for 3rd level adventurers, which spins its story across three acts.

Act 1: Murder in the Darrova
A murder mystery in the city of Darrova, home to powerful mercantile concerns and cult center to the Church of Larran the Light Bringer, Lantern of the Just, Patron of Paladins. The Adventurers are caught up in a string of murders in the city, and must solve them to prove there innocence.

Act 2: Descent into the Underworld
A caving adventure In which the player must forget everything years of Dungeons and Dragons has taught them about caving, and prepare to fight vile enemies such as falls, drowning and hypophermia, as they track those responsible for the deaths in Darrova.

Act 3: The Lampless City
Finally, deep beneith the earth, the adventurers must fight the forces of both light and darkness, less doom come to all mortals, in a terrible Darkling city.

All of these acts attempt to speak to themes and elements, not commonly the focus of fantasy RPGs, but, this being swords and wizardry, there are also many opportunities to cross steal and sling spells.

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