Sunday, 16 August 2015

5e Setting Building: Proper nouns, Map making and the PCs initial base of operations.

Again we have a, with a region of northern Arnel being without name. Lets fix that right now. The river flowing through this area  is the Ashwater, and the region is commonly known as the Ashwater vale.

I love mapping, and it is a huge chunk of what this project is all about. So, before we get further into describing the region, lets look at the progress in mapping it since last post.
This is where things were. Boarder and coastline drawn, grid added

Base colours added, coast fractalised, rivers added.
Grid made lighter

First few roads added, along with the outline
 of one section of woodland

More woodlands added, and base colour for woodland added.
Villages added at a distance from each other of about a mile.

Most of the detail is in the bottom right hand corner, it is in this hex that the campaign will begin, with the PCs arriving in Mistley. There are also the villages of Boxford, Borrow, Blackwell, Higham, and Ornley


Mistley is a large village (on the cusp of becoming a small town) on the banks of the Ashwater, where it flows into its estuary. Mistley is going to be the first location that the PCs spend anytime, so it is going to need to be fairly well detailed, Which sounds like the kind of thing for another blog post, all it's own.

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