Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Geomorph Project

Sorry about the absense,  work, both freelancing and day job have been some what tiresome of late, but I am back and hopefully ready to go.

During my break, I have been slipping deeper into the consuming madness of mapping. The result of this is the Geomorph project. Sitting somewhere between gaming utility and weird arsed art project, the aim is to release to the community eight Geomorphs a week

So check in every Wednesday from now on, to grab a copy of the weeks Geomorphs from here at save vs Cosmic horror.

For download:


  1. Hi. I am admiring your pencraft/geomorphs. What pens do you use, and what paper? Do you have guidelines ticks on pre printed on papers?

  2. Hi Joel.

    I work with a variety of media, but all of the geomorphs I have done for the project, have been drawing into a Moleskine Notebooks, using propelling pencil, then inked using Unipen fine line 0.1 .

    However, this doesn't have much of an effect on the look of the geomphs, because I redraw them in Gimp, using a wacom Intuos CTL - 480. Thick lines ate 4 pixels, thin lines 2 pixels.

  3. Parallel lines are relatively easy so long as they are short. Right angles are harder. The initial drawings are as i said into a moleskine notebook. The paper is squared, which helps, but i'd say it is more important for scale and right angles than keeping lines parallel.

    The curvelcurved lines are all completely free hand however.